I-LEAD Charter School Core Values

Truth, Respect, Care, Understanding, Learning, Creativity,
Service, Work, and Leadership.

The Pledge to Build Community Through Personal Responsibility

  • Work to understand the truth;
  • Speak what I believe is the truth;
  • Respect and care for myself, my health, my happiness and my property;
  • Respect and care for others, their health, their happiness and their property;
  • Fulfill the letter and the spirit of the laws of my community, state and nation;
  • Peacefully resolve differences with others through reflective dialogue that leads to mutual understanding, never through threats or violence;
  • Work hard to achieve my full mental and physical potential;
  • Continue learning throughout my life;
  • Serve my community as a generous volunteer and a committed leader;
  • Create beauty and justice in my home, my relationships, my community and my nation;
  • Create value for others through service, innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership;
  • Meet failure with reflection, learning, renewal and recommitment;
  • Never give up and always show up;
  • Take responsibility for my behavior.

All incoming learners and a parent/guardian must sign this pledge upon enrollment.