Innovate Podcast is one of several projects conceived of and managed by I-LEAD. Hosts Phillip Thomas and Robert Rimm interview individuals and organizations engaged in work that supports the well-being of typically underserved individuals and communities, and the well-being of the environment. Now in its fifth year of broadcasting, Innovate has interviewed national and international visionaries including Andreas Merkl from Ocean Conservancy; Kumi Naidoo, Jim Fruckterman, CEO of Benetech, and Kevin Kelly, founding editor of Wired.  Innovate exists as a platform to disseminate information and ideas from thought leaders and workers in the field of social entrepreneurship and to inspire those committed to creating a just, equitable world for all of us.

Recent interviews:

Innovator: Jeroo Billimoria

Jeroo Billimoria is a pioneering social entrepreneur and founder of several award-winning international nongovernmental organizations. Her innovative approach to managing social ventures and bringing them to global scale has earned her fellowships with Ashoka— Innovators for the Public, the Skoll Foundation and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. Her most recent initiatives include Child Savings International, Childline India Foundation, and Child Helpline International. In 2011, Jeroo founded Child & Youth Finance International, which spearheads a global Child Finance Movement uniting policymakers and experts from private, public and civil-society sectors. The movement is dedicated to facilitating the creation of a safe and inclusive financial environment for children while giving their financial rights a higher priority on national and international agendas.

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